Enlarging and Equipping God's Kingdom!

through children’s and youth ministries

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Enlarging and Equipping God’s Kingdom!

Pulse Ministries is a Christian charity which works with churches and organisations from different traditions to help ‘Enlarge and Equip’ their children’s and youth ministries.

We are evangelists with a heart to see children, young people and adults respond and come into a relationship with God.

We are leaders with a call to equip God’s Kingdom through mission, teaching and training.


“I love the guys at Pulse. They’re innovative, hard-working, radical, devoted and totally passionate about children and young people encountering Jesus.”

Matt Summerfield

Urban Saints

“I will always be so thankful to Pulse for seeing the potential in me as a young leader, investing into my life, and giving me the opportunities to serve and grow in God. Getting involved with Pulse will change your life!”

Jodi Calder

Past Intern

“Pulse have a big heart for kids/young people and for the kingdom and can be a great resource to help you grow your vision for both.”

Alan Charter

Scripture Union





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