Youth Work

We have a heart to see young people journey in their own faith, grow to know Jesus and learn to love Him through missions, youth camps, youth events and discipleship.

We’re able to offer a great range of different events; see below for more information.

Another way we encourage the next generation to disciple the next is through our Summer of Service programmeWe are really passionate about releasing young people into their potential, and we do that by getting them evangelising, leading, and growing as disciples; if you think SOS is for you or someone you know, you can find out more here. 

What We Offer:

Church Weekends

Pulse Ministries is able to run the children’s (age 5+) and/or youth (age 12+) programme for your church weekend away.

We bring a team of experienced and enthusiastic leaders who are able to run these sessions, giving your local team chance for a break. The sessions will include a mixture of fun, games and spiritual content, giving plenty of time for response and prayer.

Youth Events

Pulse Ministries is able to run a variety of youth events. We offer a programme to challenge and encourage the young people whilst sharing the Gospel with them and covering a wide range of topics.

We strive to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading us and often plan the programme around this.
This could be a whole day focussing on a particular topic, with teaching and fun.

Youth Weekends

Youth weekends away are a great time to grow lasting relationships with your youth. They take young people out of their comfort zone, creating space for them to experience God in new ways. These can either be for non-Christian young people to first discover more about Jesus or geared more to discipling and challenging your young people to continue their journey of faith.


If you want more info or want to book one of these events, please get in touch!

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