Children’s Work

Pulse’s heart is for children’s lives to be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that children are eager to meet with God in a real way and want to have an opportunity to respond to Him. We believe children have their own faith, their own understanding and their own ministry in the Church.

We aim to engage children through the teaching of Bible stories, Christian values, and sharing the Gospel in many creative ways.

Pulse has been through lots of changes recently, so currently, we’re doing this through our online initiatives and events.

The online events we run are high energy, multi-sensory, age appropriate, fun, challenging and above all, surrounded by Biblical teaching with many opportunities to respond to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

What we offer:

Ignite Kids

Ignite Kids is our kids’ YouTube channel. Our incredible team regularly upload videos full of fun, games, and crafts, along with amazing ways to engage with the Bible and opportunities to respond to God. 

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Online Events

On top of Ignite Kids, during 2020, we created a number of other online holiday clubs, praise parties and other events. Even though the events have now passed, they’re freely available for you to watch and use at home or in your churches.

Find out more here.

Gospel at Dinner

One of the best places to share the gospel is with your family around the dinner table. Our Gospel at Dinner resource is the perfect way to get those conversations started! And they’re completely free!

Click here to get this resource.

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